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17 Jul 2014
Did you mean: Vaterra, Adventure Driven! The new car brand of Horizon Hobby!
Vaterra is not just a car brand ... Vaterra offers high-end quality cars with extremely good handling characteristics on all surfaces!
Whether you choose only the Camaro series or the Nissan GTR for a nice drifting on the streets or in the sand?
Or maybe the Kemori or the Kalahari to live? 4x4 rally experience Perhaps you would prefer a buggy?
No problem! Vaterra also has a sand buggy in the range, the Glamis Uno.
This is ideal for a nice plow! Off-road along the sand But what you thought of Vaterra Twin Hammers?
This is the buggy for extreme rugged terrain! Vaterra  Cars are of extremely good quality and they have all the suitable car!
Should you once drive damage to...